Assault & Battery Charges in Michigan

Michigan Criminal Attorney

Assault and battery are two separate offenses, usually brought simultaneously. A battery is an assault that resulted in actual physical contact with another person. In order to sustain a conviction, it is not necessary for the prosecutor to establish that an actual injury occurred. A first offense is a misdemeanor and the penalties include a $500 fine as well as up to 93 days in jail. If the person who made the complaint is a roommate, family member, or spouse, you might be facing domestic abuse charges, called domestic violence. Sadly, many domestic violence cases are alleged during times of divorce or separation as a means of obtaining a tactical advantage in the divorce or custody proceeding. When the police are called to your house, they will usually take someone with them when they leave. This is when a domestic violence case begins, and would be a good time to contact an experienced Michigan criminal defense attorney.

Need a lawyer to defend assault & battery charges?

These charges can be upsetting, embarrassing and often unfair. If you have been in a situation in which you felt you needed to protect yourself, and later were arrested for the offense, your lawyer can obviously assist in defending you. In some cases it may be necessary to employ a private investigator to find witnesses to the event, or background information on the person claiming to be a victim in the case. In domestic violence cases, the former partner is usually using the system to damage the reputation of the accused. When child custody is involved, these cases become even more complex, as your freedom and parenting time are on the line. Our office has handled countless assault and battery and domestic violence cases and would be happy to discuss your options and the likelihood of success.

If you are facing your second offense, the penalties increase significantly. These situations often arise when, during the first incident, a defendant "takes a plea" to "get it over with" and because of promises to avoid jail or a criminal conviction. Now, unfortunately, you may not be believed if you are actually innocent of your second offense. A second domestic assault & battery conviction can result in a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. It is important to defend yourself, and your reputation, when accused of assault and battery and/or domestic violence. Contact a Michigan assault & battery lawyer at our firm as soon as possible to learn how you can challenge the charges and protect your rights!