Child Abuse Laws in Michigan

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Very few crimes create the negative reaction that child abuse cases do. Law enforcement and the public in general abhor the idea and the fact of child abuse and abusers. Sadly, there are countless cases in which an individual is charged with child abuse in which the charges are unfair or untrue. In certain bitter divorce cases when a custody battle is ongoing, child abuse charges can be part of an effort by a vindictive and determined ex-partner to get full custody of the children. Nonetheless, if charged with such a crime, it is critical that you contact a Michigan criminal attorney at once. You will have to defend yourself, and in order to protect your future, it is strongly advised that you contact our firm.

The Consequences of Conviction

If convicted of the crime of child abuse, if you are a parent it is likely that you will no longer have access to your children without a chaperone. You may spend time in jail or prison, and will in most cases be ordered to attend treatment programs for child abuse offenders. The effects on your life and reputation may never be regained after being convicted of this very serious crime. In some cases, the type of child abuse charges is related to neglect. If it is considered by someone (it could be a teacher, a neighbor or other person) that you are neglecting your child or children, Child Protective Services will become involved. They ordinarily will take the children into their care when there is an accusation of neglect or child abuse, even if the charges later prove to be unfounded.

Enlist Skilled Defense in Mt. Clemens

You have steep odds against you if you have been arrested and charged with child abuse. It is imperative that you contact us to initiate your defense and fight to have your children returned to you if they have been removed from your custody. These are heartbreaking and frightening situations and the quicker they are resolved the better for all involved. The criminal defense attorneys at our firm are prepared to fight aggressively for your defense and to have the best interest of the client as the top priority. Contact the firm if you have been arrested and charged with child abuse or neglect and are seeking an aggressive attorney to defend you.